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As your one-stop workboats service provider, our services range from construction of tugboats, barges and other workboats, time and freight charter operations, as well as delivery and special logistics. Contact us for:



  1. 20M & 23M Tugboats
    20M & 23M Tugboats
    We are experienced in building many variations of the smaller tugboats, ranging from 700Hp to 1300Hp for this length, for both IACS member classes (ClassNK, DNV GL and the like) as well as BKI and non-class.
  2. 26M & 30M Tugboats
    26M & 30M Tugboats
    Ranging from 1600Hp to 2400Hp, these medium sized vessels are suited for towing 250' to 330' Barges. Variations and add-ons can be done depending on your operational needs.
  3. 180' - 300' Barges
    180' - 300' Barges
    Available with full sideboard for coal and other commodities, or stantions for wood chips, we have flat deck barges paired with tugboats of various sizes for construction, resale, or charter.
  4. 5000DWT CPO Barge
    5000DWT CPO Barge
    Designed for the carriage of crude palm oil, this 5000DWT CPO Barge was designed and constructed under ClassNK and is still beautifully operating within Indonesian waters.
  5. 43M Landing Craft Tank
    43M Landing Craft Tank
    Landing Craft Tank of ClassNK built for Fiji. 1000Hp and complete with Timber Deck Flooring. Variations of this model is available depending on individual operational requirements.
  6. Lifting Tug Onto Vessel
    Lifting Tug Onto Vessel
    Having sold one of our tugboats to Croatia, Eastern Europe, we managed the delivery of the tugboat by sailing to Kuching, where the mother vessel entered and lifting the tugboat on board the mother vessel.
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